Saturday, 28 December 2013

Accessories for New Years eve

To the left: Cute statement drop necklace from Asos // To the right: Beautiful multicolour necklace from Asos 
To the left: Lovely chain necklace by River Island from Asos // To the right: Spike necklace from Asos
To the left: This cute and simple necklace is from Zara // To the right: Beautiful Stone necklace from Nelly

Hey there everyone!

I know that a lot of people (including myself) is thinking "what to wear, what to wear!" for New Years eve. I do not know why, but I am always running late with nearly everything from homework to outfits! (Now, this is not particular a good thing, it is actually quite annoying). So as every girl I have an emergency dress. And if you guessed the little black dress, then you are correct! But as we all know, the little black dress is always so adorable and simple... And that is not what we are going for this New Years eve is it? No, we want something different and eye-catching, so there for I have made a little guide of beautiful statement necklaces in different styles so there should be something for anyone.

I am that kind of girl that wants to stand out, I want to be me more than anybody else. So I post the clothes and jewellery etc. not because I want you to like all of it, but because I hope that it might inspire you to try out some new things for yourselves. Here is some of my favorite statement necklaces at the moment. 

This beautiful necklace is one of my absolute favourites! It is from Urban Outfitters, get it Here
This cute triangle necklace is from Gina Tricot, but I do not know if they sell it anymore though.
This beauty is also from Urban Outfitters.
You probably recognise this necklace from further up the page. This is my newest necklace from River Island! you can get it Here
I hope you could use my little post to make your New Years eve outfit a little more interesting if you, as me, are running late and decides to go with the little black dress.

What are you wearing New Years eve? Tweet me a picture of you and your outfit!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

❄ Not quite Winter ❄

Hey Sweetie pies!

So... as you can see there is absolutely no trace of snow in these pictures (sadly, I know... but as you can see I tried putting in some snowflakes in the title, hahaha). It is getting kinda rare that we have a white Christmas in Denmark and i think it's absolutely unfair! Christmas is personally my favourite time of the year, and without snow it's just NOT the same.

The jacket is from message by a brand called Mbym // The shirt is from Gina Tricot // The skirt is from Topshop and can be purchased in many colours, get it here // The watch is from Urban Outfitters but they don't have the exact watch but something similar get it here // The shoes are from Invation by a brand called Shoe biz Copenhagen, but you can get plenty shoes that are the same model (creepers) in almost every shoe store // The Lip Lacquer or lip gloss (whatever you wanna call it) is from Rimmel - Apocalips in the colour "STELLAR"

When I said that Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I literally mean it is my faaaavorite! I just love the cozy weather and all the cute christmas decorations in front of houses and inside them. I also love the fact that it's the time of year when you can give (and get) gifts! And Christmas shopping is also amazing, I simply love peeking at the Christmas markets in the city!

What is your favourite time of year?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas decorations and winter boots

Hey errrbody!

So, the past two weeks I've been sick... so unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to upload the blog posts I've been wanting to. Buuut here's a little update!

Even though I have been sick I still thought that my room needed a little christmas spirit (Yes you might have noticed that I kind of like candles... especially scented ones). So now I'll just leave you with some christmassy pictures.

"God jul" means "Merry Christmas" on danish

Then some days ago I decided that I needed a new pair of Dr. Martens... yeah I have an obsession with Dr. Martens (Oops). Dr. Martens is amazing all the year round because you can use them in the winter time with some cute frilly socks or some thick warm ones. I also tend to use them in summer with shorts and a cute top. You can get them in so many amazing textures and colours that there is some for anyones taste. So I then bought these beautiful babies in leather snake print and I absolutely love them! I got them from Amazon.

I hope all of you are healthy and aren't sick at home like me (because that is clearly the most boring way to spend christmas). I also hope it snows like hell where you are because there haven't dropped one bit in Denmark yet... but anyway, have a great christmas until I talk to you again, byeeeee!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Three days in heaven

Hey there everyone!

Last week I had the great opportunity of having my internship at a fashion magazine here in Denmark called Costume. Even though it only lasted for three days I experienced a lot of amazing things while being there.

My first day started a little bit hectic because I had some trouble finding my way to their office… (Yes my sense of direction isn’t really the best). Anyway, I eventually found my way by calling the chief editor. The first day was very relaxed and quiet. I got to write some Notes as they call them (It’s captions under some pictures about a thing or an event).
It was so much fun!

My second day was a bit more exciting (I came out of the office, yay!). When I had found my way to the office I were supposed to call Katrine so she could open the door for me to get in. Then I found out that she was stuck in the metro… So there I go, cold as ice with my rather large and heavy handbag, into Føtex to buy the model, crew and photographer some breakfast (yes, I was going to a photo-shoot!)

It was so interesting being at the photo-shoot (I’ve never been to one) and to experience the laid-back-casual atmosphere. Actually it’s quite funny, because I literally didn’t really do a thing… I was just watching, learning and observed the situation (And taking the weirdest polaroid’s with my instax camera read more)

I totally fell in love with these gorgeous see-trough glasses from Moscot Originals.
I absolutely love this bag! It's white on the sides and a bright yellow colour on the front and on the back the brand is called Gant.
This cute tiger print T-shirt dress is great for a casual day time shopping with friends or just for a relaxed date - from A Question Of
As you can see I absolutely adore hot Cocoa (One of my guilty pleasures)

My last day was amazing. The minute I walked in I was told that one of my friends were there and that I could go say hi to her! I then did and found out that she would be sitting just on the other side of the shelves (What does that mean… Lunch-Buddy yay!). I was also so lucky to write my own two articles, one about Burberrys new campaign Burberry With Love. I also wrote an article about my stay at the office of Costume.

Read more about that Here and Here (Note that the articles are in Danish).

Where were you in your internship period?