Friday, 7 August 2015

Holiday trip to Vence

Ladies ('n Gentlemen), this summer me and my family decided to spend our summer holiday in a lovely little town called Vence in south France.
Vence has a great atmosphere and the french people are awfully nice. The small town has a lot of things to offer such as inspiring food experiences. There is a big variety of restaurants and cafés, so it will never be a problem for you to find places to eat both breakfast, lunch or dinner.
I absolutely love traveling. The whole experience from when you enter the airport to when you finally land at your destination. It brings some joy and difference to your life that I believe is important for us to have.

I usually tend to buy clothes that I feel comfortable in and that I think is nice and not just because it is the latest trend. This summer I kind of surprised myself and went out and bought a dress. I can wear dresses at parties or at events, but in the everyday life dresses are not my thing. But I have turned myself and I actually like this one a lot.

Vence is indeed a small town, but it has got everything you need. From restaurants and cafés to bars and local food shops it has got everything. I am in love with this part of France and it will not be the last time I have visited.

Here I have featured some of my summer outfits and photos of France for you to see.

This dress is from - you can get it by clicking here
My sunglasses are from Tommy Hilfiger - you can get them by clicking here
This skirt is from - get it by clicking here
These comfortable pants are as well from - get them by clicking here
These high heeled boots are from San Marina

Monday, 27 October 2014

5 Fall Favorites

Hey pumpkins!

Finally we hit my favorite season of all time; Fall!

It's now time for cozy sweaters, boots and loads of soup and hot tea. This is my first post while being here in California as an exchange student. This is such a unique experience that I personally know will benefit me, my whole life.

One of my favorite things this fall, is my new watch from Anne Klein. I absolutely love the color since
it isn't really gold but more like a rose-gold kind of gold
My number two fall favorite is my lovely new brown boots from Lucky Brand
My fall favorite number threeee is of course my new sweater! This fall I'm obsessed with sweaters
of all kinds - They are comfortable, cute and not to forget; they keep you warm!
My fall favorite number four, is my new Nike Airmax. Super comfy and really good looking too!
My last fall favorite number five has to be my new black overalls from Dash - They can both be styled
with some nice sneaks or with a cute top and a pair of heels

You might ask yourself; why is fall your favorite season? Yes, it gets cold but you know what? Then we're closer to Christmas! Fall is all about getting cozy in warm sweaters, drinking way too much tea (or coffee if that's what you like) and about sharing some great memories with the ones you love.

While enjoying my coffee and surfing the internet I came across this website called Raise !
This is an awesome site that offers discount gift cards for some of my absolute favorite stores such as; Sephora, Mac, Zara, Victoria's Secret and even more. I got really excited as I saw that you could get American apparel and H&M gift cards where you get 10-15% off their valued prices.
I will definitely be recommending Raise for all of my friends, both here in California and back home in Denmark, because this would make a perfect christmas present for your friends that loves to shop at lower prices! If you have any gift cards lying around that you don't think of using, you can also sell these.

Here are a few links so you can go discover for yourself: BUY & SELL

This was my five fall favorites, what are yours this year? tell me in the comments, on your Instagram or on your blog! Feel free to tag me so I can read what your five fall favorites are this year.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Fashion Blogger On Instagram

Hey pumpkins!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to celebrate my Grandma's birthday in Tivoli and at a very nice restaurant, called Hereford Beefstouw. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!) The food was absolutely wonderful and of course I went for spareribs (because I'm so in love with it, don't ask why :)) We were having a great time, enjoying the wonderful weather. It's been sooo extremely hot the past couple of days in Denmark, and you get so lazy, haha. 

And yes of course - If you'd like to follow me on Instagram and see what I'm up to, just click the link on the right side with the Instagram icon, thank you!

The last couple of months have been either very stressful for me, or just really odd, so now I've decided to really start blogging again, yay :) And there couldn't be a better way to start it off with, but in the summer. I've also made a Youtube channel where I'll post an intro or a 'get to know me' video in the end of july. I've planned to post some vlogs and other exciting stuff, but also I'd like to use it to show you what I'm doing in California - If you wanna know more about that, stay tuned for my next blog post!

Top - from Topshop, tall department
Shorts - from Urban Outfitters
Necklace - from Asos
Snake bag/clutch - from Asos
Nail polish  - from Essie, colour Chinchilly

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Black & white

Hey lovelies!
- Here's a little black & white night shoot I did with my cousin some weeks ago :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tourist in Austria

Hey there everyone!

I am finally back on track (and on the blog) and there is going to be a lot more activity on here from now on. Last weekend I went to Austria, Vienna for a couple of days to visit my best friend Meggie.

Now, when I go travelling of course I am also going shopping in some way. Vienna has a lot of great shops and I absolutely fell in love with a book store called Shakespeare & Company. Frankly I do not have any photos of the shop because it was way too dark for me to take any photos. The book store had so many different books (including one of my favourite authors John Green). 
The great thing about old book stores is, that they make you forget the world around you for a while. Actually the whole travelling thing makes you forget everything for a bit, and that is exactly what I needed.

I also went on some sightseeing with my best friend (who is far the best guide ever!). 
Vienna is a beautiful city and has a lot of extraordinary buildings, definitely worth the trip!

As you might see (if you have looked through all the photos) Yes I met Johnny Depp... well not the real one but the wax figure from Madame Tussaud's :) (Yes, it is a very flattering picture of me... thank you). Oh well, pictures are for the memory! I had an amazing trip and it definitely helped me loosen up a lot! I would really recommend doing something new and different if you have some kind of trouble in your everyday life. That does not have to be travelling, because lets just face it... it is quite expensive! But just do something new and do something for yourself.

If you have any kind of suggestions for my upcoming posts, feel free to leave a comment below or email me (You can also just find my Instagram;))

I currently have my Winter break so be ready for some more posts very soon!

What is your favourite country to travel to?