Friday, 7 August 2015

Holiday trip to Vence

Ladies ('n Gentlemen), this summer me and my family decided to spend our summer holiday in a lovely little town called Vence in south France.
Vence has a great atmosphere and the french people are awfully nice. The small town has a lot of things to offer such as inspiring food experiences. There is a big variety of restaurants and cafés, so it will never be a problem for you to find places to eat both breakfast, lunch or dinner.
I absolutely love traveling. The whole experience from when you enter the airport to when you finally land at your destination. It brings some joy and difference to your life that I believe is important for us to have.

I usually tend to buy clothes that I feel comfortable in and that I think is nice and not just because it is the latest trend. This summer I kind of surprised myself and went out and bought a dress. I can wear dresses at parties or at events, but in the everyday life dresses are not my thing. But I have turned myself and I actually like this one a lot.

Vence is indeed a small town, but it has got everything you need. From restaurants and cafés to bars and local food shops it has got everything. I am in love with this part of France and it will not be the last time I have visited.

Here I have featured some of my summer outfits and photos of France for you to see.

This dress is from - you can get it by clicking here
My sunglasses are from Tommy Hilfiger - you can get them by clicking here
This skirt is from - get it by clicking here
These comfortable pants are as well from - get them by clicking here
These high heeled boots are from San Marina